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CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy,  A personal experience….

A long history of chronic headaches, almost daily, and chronic jaw pain led me to my first experience with CranioSacral therapy, as a client.  Because CranioSacral therapy was so different than the massage therapy that I was accustomed to I was hesitant to try it.

The fact that CranioSacral therapy is done with such a light touch made it hard for me to grasp how it could be the right choice for me.   I noticed that having massage therapy and chiropractic therapy did help a lot, but the pain always seemed to return.

So eventually I decided to try a treatment.   I was truly amazed to experience such a significant reduction in pain after only a few treatments.  By combining the therapy with regular exercise and stretching my headaches dissipated by, I would say, 80%.  I now find that I only need a treatment once every 2 or three months to keep myself in check.

Needless to say the next step was to become trained in this “miracle therapy” and now I’m thrilled to be able to offer this to all of you!!!

CranioSacral therapy is an especially effective treatment for;

~Low, mid & upper back pain
~chronic pain
~scar tissue
~chronic fluid retention
~ruptured or prolapsed discs
~neck pain and headaches
~jaw pain & TMJ dysfunction
~ear problems & dizziness

So what exactly is the CranioSacral System?

Simply put, the CranioSacral system is the system which lies in the core of our bodies, consisting of our brain, cranial (skull) bones, spinal cord, vertebral bones, pituitary gland, and cerebral spinal fluid.  Cerebral spinal fluid is constantly produced and reabsorbed within the system resulting in a correlating movement of the cranial and vertebral bones.

Research has shown that all of the bones in the CranioSacral system are (or should be) in a constant state of movement, our “cranial pulse”  This discovery was first introduced into the osteopathic profession more than 50 years ago and was first discovered in the early 1900’s


So… what can I expect in a CranioSacral treatment?

Cranial sacral therapy is done with a very light touch and the work is concentrated on the bones of the spine and skull, so basically cranial sacral therapy works from the inside (the core) out, when the core is corrected the outside (periphery) corrects itself.

The treatment is actually done over the clothes and you will be lying on your back, your therapist will work along your spine and skull guiding your bones to move in the correct way.

Why is the treatment done with such a light touch?  What about “no pain no gain”?

The light touch used by the therapist is really just a guide to recruit the patients own energy to allow for correction. Our bodies have a strong natural corrective ability which can be seen when our bodies work hard to fight infections and heal injuries through compensation and the production of inflammation.  This self corrective mechanism is not a very fine tuned one and needs assistance to allow for proper healing.  This is exactly what cranial sacral therapy is…. Assisting our own natural corrective tendency to heal ourselves.

Using a deep pressure can trigger the body’s defense system, triggering the tissues to tighten, leading to trauma to the tissue.  It is important to note that the same is true in traditional massage therapy; the pressure should always be within your tolerance.

In my own experience as a client I have found that the soft tissue releases during a cranial sacral treatment using a light touch are actually deeper and longer lasting than the releases I have experienced during a deep tissue massage.

So what exactly does A CranioSacral treatment accomplish?

Your therapist works to correct the natural movement of the bones of the cranial sacral system.  With gentle guidance the bones of the spine and skull naturally reposition themselves and our bodies come back into alignment. When the natural movement of the cranial system is restored the natural movement of our fascia is also restored, releasing adhesions elsewhere in our bodies which may have formed as a result of the CranioSacral restriction. Some further benefits of the treatment include immune system stimulation, stress reduction and hormonal balance.

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“Healing is not only a matter of time…it’s also a matter of opportunity”

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