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Lymphatic, Detox Massage

Lymphatic Drainage…

Our Lymphatic system consists of fluid that circulates continuously through our bodies, trading nutrients for waste products.  Lymphatic drainage massage works to stimulate and guide lymphatic fluid through the body, towards lymph nodes where bacteria and toxins are filtered out, purifying our tissues and enhancing our immune systems.  Benefits of Lymphatic drainage massage include;

~increased circulation

~decreased swelling and edema

~stimulates detoxification and elimination

~strengthens our immune systems

~effective treatment for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, excessive swelling, and much more!!

Detox Treatment…

~ A one hour lymphatic drainage massage using essential oils to stimulate detoxification and elimination

~ treatment also includes organ stimulation to enhance the effect 😀

“Healing is not only a matter of time…it’s also a matter of opportunity”

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